Looking for a reliable precision machining supplier?

Employing a culture of investment, we have a comprehensive machine shop that includes 5 axis (simultaneous) and 4 axis Vertical machining centres, CNC lathes with live tooling and a range of conventional metal cutting and grinding machinery that allows us the versatility to handle both large and small batch sizes in a wide range of materials.

Component programming for CNC milling, turning and horizontal grinding can be done either at the machine or offline for maximum efficiency when developing new products. All the machines are networked, allowing programs to stored centrally.

Once proven, programs are routinely backed up to ensure data is safely stored for future requirement.


Precision Machining

Wankel Rotary engine & Aluminum component manufacture

With customers in Aerospace, Defense, motor sports, nuclear energy , automotive and cinema industries, we have experience in machining many different types of materials to fine tolerances and some very specific customer requirements.

Two of the more unusual components that we frequently produce are tri-lobed ‘rotors’ and trochoidal bored ‘rotor housings’ for use within Wankel rotary engines.

We have been supplying these components in volume for over a decade and have developed the manufacturing processes accordingly. We also specialize in the manufacture of thin walled aluminum items and are familiar with the chemical finishing processes commonly associated with this material.