Need a gear manufacturer to supply a replacement worn or damaged part, or a complete batch of gears or splined shafts?

Our experience and knowledge of gear and spline manufacturing allows us to offer various levels of service. From cutting gear teeth or splines only, to supplying completed components or kits of completed components. We will undertake the production of bespoke or replacement items, special purpose gearboxes and other transmission related components. In situations where no component drawings are available, we will attempt to reverse engineer components from worn samples or assemblies. Higher quality finishing operations such as gear shaving or grinding can be arranged by ourselves via our network of sub-contractors where required. The types of gears we manufacture include Helical and spur, worms and wheels, internal and external splines, sprockets, pulleys and ratchets.



Our current range of Gear and Spline cutting facilities include:-


External cutters: 2.5 – 100 Diametrical Pitch & 0.5 – 8.0 Module (various dia cutters). 4 – 80 Diametrical Pitch English Hobs. 0.5 – 6.5 Module Hobs.
Internal cutters: 0.5 – 3 Module. 6 – 50 Diametrical pitch + various specials.
Various internal and external spline cutters & broaches

Gear & Spline Cutting Machinery

  • 1 x Sykes HV14A Hobber
  • 1 x Pfauter P251 Hobber
  • 1 x Micron 182 Hobber
  • 2 x Fellows No 6 Shaper
  • 2 x Fellows No 7 Shaper
  • 1 x Vertical Broaching machine

Gear tooth Inspection Equipment

  • Full cmm Gear Inspection Facilities
  • 2 x Parkson gear testing units
  • Various sized master gears
  • Various blade micrometers
  • Maag PH60 Involute & helix checker